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How To | Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

How To | Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

Curling your hair with a straightener

Don’t know your way around a flat iron? No problem. Here’s our step by step guide to curling your hair with a straightener.

1. Decide on the type of curl you want. This will determine the styling tool your going to use.
Whether that be loose waves or big and bouncy curls. We'd recommend our hur.iron wide for big and bouncy curls, our hur.iron slant for a softer beachy wave and our hur.iron classic for tighter curls.

Today, we're going to go through how to create a softer look, so we've opted for the hur.iron slant : this hairstyling tool has been designed to give you a helping hand using the angled plates.

2. Prep, prep, prep!
Ensure you have applied a heat protector of your choice, then, comb out any unwanted knots from your hair. This will create a perfect starting point. 

3. Select a temperature best suited to your hair type and condition. 
All hur.irons have 5 levels of heat ranging from 120-230 degrees, meaning you’re always in control. Select a heat best suited to your hair type, style and condition. This is sooo important to protect the health of your hair. Keep in mind that thicker, curlier hair types can handle a higher heat, finer colour treated hair – we’d advise getting that temperature down.

4. Work through the hair in sections.
Centrally part your hair and work through the head in sizeable sections. Depending on the thickness of your hair will determine how bigger sections you take, if you’re after that sexy loose wave then start by taking 1-2 inches of hair at a time.

 5. Rotate the hur.iron 180° away from your face
Take your first section of hair and place the hur.iron slant near to the root. Grip the hair in between the plates and begin to work the straightener down the hair shaft from root to tip. At the point where you want the curl to start, start rotating the iron 180° away from your face. Glide the hur.iron to the ends.


6) Repeat step 5 until you have curled all sections of your hair
Once you have worked through all the hair, leave to cool. Then, start by breaking up the waves with a wide toothed comb or just use your fingers to brush through!


Congrats! You’ve successfully curled your hair with the hur.iron.


Still in need of a little more guidance… head over to and we’ll be right there to help you!