How To | Faux Bouncy Blow

How To | Faux Bouncy Blow
Want to get a salon-worthy 'blow dry' in just half the time ?!

We've got the perfect hair hack to achieve an at home DIY bouncy blow, and guess what? Not a round brush or hair dryer in sight. Introducing... the Faux Bouncy Blow.

TOP TIP: it’s all in the technique and most importantly, the tools you're using…


Make sure your hair is prepped: washed, dry and spritz'd with your favourite heat protection spray. Comb through any knots using a wide toothed texture comb.



To create those luscious bevelled ends, we prefer to use the hur.iron wide. If your hair is finer, or thin, you can also use the hur.iron classic if you prefer.

All hur.irons have an exterior variable temperature control, meaning that you can select a temperature between 120-230 degrees to best suit your hair type, style and condition. Keep in mind that thicker, curlier hair types can handle a higher heat, finer colour treated hair – we’d advise getting that temperature down.

120° | Fragile, very fine or chemically treated hair.
150° | Thin hair.
180° | Normal textured, medium weight hair.
210° | Wavy, curly or thick hair.
230° | Coarse, resistant or very thick hair.


Our model has slightly finer hair, so we're using the hur.iron wide at 180°. Work through your hair in manageable, chunky sections.


Apply the straighteners slowly over each section, keeping the straighteners moving from root to tip in a downwards motion. About 3/4 of the way down the hair shaft, slightly bevel (roll) the ends under and turn the hur.iron inwards.

Follow this method until you have completed the whole head, leaving out the front section.


Take the front section as a whole. Apply your straighteners, moving again from root to tip, but this time, around 1/2 way down the hair shaft start to bevel. This will frame your face.

Let the hair cool, then centre part the section.


Congrats! You’ve successfully created a Faux Bouncy Blow - and bevelled the ends of your hair with the hur.iron.

To finish, add a drop of oil into the palms of your hands and smooth over any fly aways.

Still in need of a little more guidance… drop us an email to or message us on the ‘gram’ and we’ll be right there to help you!


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