Can't get a salon appointment?

Can't get a salon appointment?

The chaos is about to commence... some are predicting a mad rush worse than Black Friday? Others are revelling in the comfort of knowing they bagged a precious appointment in the hot seat after the lockdown lifts, and Christmas sets in. 

We've shed light on some of our favourite, easy at-home-salon-looks, to keep you going until your next appointment! Now, stop bombarding your stylist and wait your turn... Give these looks a try and you might be surprised! 

‘Fake’ bouncy blow dry in just 20 minutes – the best hair hack


Still struggling to master that ‘fresh out the salon’ blow dry look? It’s okay… you’re not the only one. We’re here to help and we’ve got just the hair hack for you!

No-one likes the word ‘fake’ but we’re not sugar coating this one… sometimes it can end up looking better than the real thing ;) Just saying. Follow our steps to get you on your way to salon worthy locks:

1) Shampoo & condition your hair and leave to air dry for around 10 minutes. Spritz with a heat protector of your choice.

2) Then, taking whatever brush you have on your dressing table, dry hair with a hairdryer. Drying the hair upwards, and away from the scalp to get as much root lift as possible (HACK: we sometimes tip our head upside down and dry from root to end).

3) If your hair tends to drop quickly, you can use a mouse or volumizing prep spray to help hold the root lift.

4) Don’t worry about getting the ends super smooth, this will happen later on.

5)Then, section the hair in half and clip on top of your head.

6) Take your first section of hair, comb or brush out any knots, then start to curl. We recommend curling with a straightener to avoid those clamp marks you get from tongs or curlers.

7) The best way to curl your hair is to place the hur.iron at the root of the section and rotate half a turn away from the face. Glide to the ends and keep rotating to complete a full turn of the hur.iron as you do so. (HACK: the hur.iron slant is perfect because the irons are already angled at 30° - so the rotating movement is not as crucial if you can’t quite get the technique right)

8) You can take large sections when going in with the hur.iron, as your just creating texture and body – not tight curls or ringlets. (HACK: we’d split the lower half of the hair into 5 chunky sections to save time)

9) Once you’ve curled a section with the hur.iron, roll the curl up to the root and secure or clip with a grip to pin the curl.

10) Continue to repeat this technique for each section, ensuring you pin each curl.

11) Unclip the hair on the top of your hair and split into 2 or 3 sections.

12) Go in and curl, then pin, these sections using the same technique as before. (HACK: rather than trying to curl away from your face this time, just think of curling each section of hair towards the back of your head. Start at the root and roll backwards towards the end of your hair)

13) Allow all the hair to fully cool. Take out all pins / grips.

14) Gently brush out the curls. Because we curled the top section backwards, you have the flexibility to manipulate the hair into a side fringe style, or you can just opt for a more natural middle parting.

& voila. Root lift at the top, body and volume throughout the rest of the hair. DIY bouncy blow? Completed it.

Sleek & Straight: A Night Out Fail-safe


We ALL love a straight look, and like it or not, it’s our default. A timeless style with limitless variations... a fail-safe and somewhat fool proof! However, gone are the days of poker straight lifeless locks (throwback to high school, anyone?). The 2020 version of ‘straight hair’ has modern-day volume, oozes shine and boasts movement.

Here is how you can get the look:

1) Prep your hair with heat protector and comb or brush out any knots.

2) Section the hair in half, clipping the top half up on your head out of the way

3) Taking your hur.iron, select a heat best suited to your hair type, condition and style. Visit if you need some guidance on temperature settings.

4) Start to work through each section of the hair, placing the hur iron underneath the hair at the root (hur. logo facing upwards).

5) Glide the hur.iron through the section, moving it in an upwards motion away from the scalp to create volume at the root. Working towards the end of the hair, start to create shape by rounding the hur.iron in and towards your face – pulling the hair through the hur.iron at around 90-degrees. (HACK: the only thing we can liken this too is when you curl curling string on a present!)

6) Repeat this technique for each section of the hair.

7) Release the top section of hair that was clipped up, and work through each section using the same technique as before. (HACK: if you want more root volume, you can over direct the hair at the crown of your head, guiding the hair upwards and away from the crown).

8) Once the hair has fully cooled, you are good to go! 

Because…  straight hair doesn’t have to be boring.

Half up, half down – we’re finally coming out of LOCK(s)DOWN.

Hair up, hair down? Can’t decide?! Combine the two! You’ll get a look that adds the edge, brings the quirkiness and puts you right on trend. Boho? Boujee? Or Bad Bitch? This one suits all personalities.

Let’s do it:

1) Prep, prep, prep! Comb any knots out and spritz with heat protector. Apply a little root lift product if you want more volume.

2) Section the hair into manageable portions.

3) Take your first section of hair and start to curl. As we’ve mentioned, we don’t want to get those clamp marks on your hair – so avoid using curlers or tongs, and stick to curling with a straightener.

4) Place the hur.iron at the root of the section and rotate half a turn away from the face. Glide to the ends and keep rotating the hur.iron as you do so. (HACK: the hur.iron slant is perfect because the irons are already angled at 30° - so the rotating movement is not as crucial if you can’t quite get the technique right)

5) Your sections and curls don’t have to be perfect, the aim of adding the curls is to add texture.

6) Cup each curl with your hand and hold in place, before moving on to the next section.

7) Once all the hair is curled and cooled, gently comb or brush out.

8) Then, taking a hair tie, gather a horseshoe shaped section of hair from the crown of your head and tie into a pony tail.

9) Wrap the ponytail around the hair tie and when you get to the end, tuck the tip of the hair into the hair tie to secure. (HACK: if you find this bit tricky, after you’ve wrapped the ponytail around the hair tie, you can clip the end by using a hair grip).

10) Free some of the hair by pinching the root area to adding texture.
We also like to tease out some hair from the front, to frame the face.