Hair Oils... everything you need to know

Hair Oils... everything you need to know

No matter your hair type - thick or fine, curly or straight… there’s a hair oil out there to help with any and all of your mane concerns!

Incorporating oils into your skin-care routine is the norm these days, but did you know that oils can play a pivotal role in your hair-care regime, too?
There may be a lot of fear out there when it comes to hair oil but, please fear not… a little oil goes a long way and less if definitely more! Many people are scared that as soon as they apply a splash of oil, their hair is going to look like it’s just come out the deep fat fryer. Nonetheless there is a hair oil out there to suit all hair types.
Here’s a run down of everything you need to know…
So, why use an oil? Oils are loaded with different types of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, all of which are important for both a healthy scalp and healthy hair. As long as you pick the best oil for your hair type & texture and use it in the right way, hair oils will be extremely beneficial for you.
They can be used for grooming, styling, maintaining moisture, and even to prevent breakage too! Oils on your hair are incredible for adding shine when your hair is feeling a little lack lustre or if you're wanting to tame that frizz, add a drop or two of oil to reel that frizz right in.
So, how often should I use oil? You can use a few drops from mid-length to ends—daily, either before or after blow-drying. When applying oil to wet hair, place 2-3 drops (thin/fine hair) or 4-5 drops (thick/wavy) in palms of hands, pat together and then work through the ends of your hair first and then working up towards your scalp. Note, use less oil around parting/roots if your hair is a little prone to greasiness or is on the finer side. When using on dry hair, use only 1-2 drops, pat together in the palms of your hands and then work through mid- ends of hair, avoiding the roots.
So, which hair oil is right for me? 
With many different types of hair oils out there, lets take a look at the individual types...
Coconut Oil - Is there anything coconut oil can't fix? You can use it to moisturise your hair/skin/nails and even use it to whiten teeth or remove your make up. Either way it's definitely at the top for us. All feelings aside, coconut oil is 100% more suited to thicker/curlier hair due to it being a very rich oil. TIP- use as a hair mask and leave in for 15 minutes, then rinse.. it will give your hair the ultimate glow boost.
Argan Oil -  An all round favourite for every hair type and rich in linoleic and oleic acids, as well as vitamin E, Argan oil has been shown in studies to protect the hair shaft from damage caused by hair dyeing. Use on wet or dry hair, the thicker your hair, the more drops to use.
Castor Oil -  Is rich in ricinoleic acid—a type of fatty acid found to fight inflammation (frizziness). When applied to the scalp, it's been proven to enhance the health of the hair follicles and in turn, promote hair growth. Castor oil is best used on extremely dry/frizzy hair- the perfect choice for Afro hair.
Olive Oil -  This core oil can soften hair and increase shine, but as with coconut oil be careful and reserve it for the ends of your strands only due to it being incredibly rich. Less is definitely more with this one!
Avocado Oil -  A hero oil that's able to penetrate the hair shaft, while leaving behind the least amount of grease. Avocado oil is incredible for a weekly deep conditioning treatment, we recommend to leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse or use sparingly throughout the week.
Jojoba Oil -  A lightweight must have fan favourite oil for all hair types, which helps to improve both hydration and shine! TIP- add a few drops into your everyday conditioner for an extra hydration treatment!
Almond Oil-  Can promote smoothness and help prevent breakage. It restores dry hair and split ends, and increases blood circulation in the scalp, as a result it helps promote hair growth. Smells absolutely divine too!!
Rosemary Oil -  Rosemary is renowned for its properties to increase/boost circulation in the body, when used on the hair/scalp it stimulates the hair follicles creating fuller and thicker hair. Another great oil to use on all hair types.
As always, drop us an email or drop us a DM on the gram for any more information or questions you might have.