Styling And Straightening Afro Hair

Styling And Straightening Afro Hair

Its simple, we always want what we haven’t got… & straight hair is definitely one of those things!!

If you’ve got curly afro hair, you want straight hair and if you’ve got straight hair, you want it curly - there’s just no winning sometimes.

So we've put together a few little tips to help you maintain your mane...
Firstly, be sure to apply your heat protection products to your dry hair before any heat is applied. We love to use an oil on afro hair, it typically tends to be on the drier side so an oil is perfect to add in some extra hydration. 
Straightening afro, thick curly hair is renowned for being hard work to maintain. So when styling and straightening afro hair, you need the correct tools or it just won’t work… believe us, we know!

All of our hur.irons have an exterior variable temperature control ranging from 120-230 degrees, which is a necessity for all hair types, but especially for Afro hair because it is so delicate and therefore needs a little extra TLC! It’s important to note too that temperatures should be varied across the head of hair, for example on the curliest/thickest areas you should use a higher heat, whereas on finer areas make sure to use a lower heat.

See below for our recommended heat temperature guide…

120° | Fragile, very fine or chemically treated hair.
150° | Thin hair.
180° | Normal textured, medium weight hair.
210° | Wavy, curly or thick hair.
230° | Coarse, resistant or very thick hair.

So which hur.iron should I use? All of our irons can be used on afro hair, however we would recommend the hur.iron wide as it is designed for thick, long or curly hair types. The plates are 38mm wide for extra ease of use and the minerals that are procured into our plates inject health, leaving you with smoother, shinier, longer-lasting results on your hair.
Oh aren't you lucky you found hur. we've got your back gurl!!