PROUD TO PARTNER | hur. joins forces with local social enterprise, Paperworks

PROUD TO PARTNER | hur. joins forces with local social enterprise, Paperworks

  We are proud to partner with local social enterprise, Paperworks, who take care of all our warehousing and fulfilment requirements.  Paperworks was established in February 1994 as a not-for-profit company. It's aim is to allow people with learning disabilities a chance of gaining the skills to work in any vocational area, building both basic and more specific skills within the workplace.

Paperworks manage the handling of all our goods in and out of our warehouse. From managing relationships with our couriers, to assembling all packaging elements and picking and packing your orders, they are an integral part of our team. 

Our passion in taking greater responsibility for the way in which we bring our products to market was a huge deciding factor when choosing Paperworks to be a part of our team and manage our logistics department. Giving back to our local community and supporting in the creation of job opportunities for adults with learning difficulties and complex needs was really important to us. 


Paperworks method of providing this training is based around the whole organisation functioning as a business and treating trainees in a similar way to employees.

Through everything Paperworks does, they try to balance the social and enterprise, ensuring they create a supportive working environment with plenty of variety and challenges for all its employees. This helps build the confidence the  trainees need to work, in turn contributing to the enjoyable experience which keeps them motivated on a daily basis. 

 We worked very closely with Paperworks on our sustainability project, where we offer customers the unique option to have their iron sent either ‘in all its glory’ or ‘naked’ in a bid to cut down on packaging where possible.  By doing so, hur. and Paperworks hope to empower consumers to make choices they can feel good about and pave the way for sustainable change in the beauty industry.

If you would like to learn more about Paperworks, please do not hesitate to email us or drop us a message on one of our social channels @hurhair_