Pump Up The Volume

Pump Up The Volume

There's nothing more frustrating than flat and volumeless hair, so here's our top tips and tricks to boosting bounce that will benefit anyone's head of hair! 

Use the right shampoo & conditioner,  it's really important to make sure you are using the right products to suit your hair type, what suits one hair type doesn't always suit another. If you have fine hair you should use lighter weight products so it doesn't weigh your hair down etc.

Finish with rinsing hair with cold water. Using hot water on your hair stimulates the oil glands in our scalp causing it to produce more oil, washing with cool water will reduce the stimulation of the glands and the amount of oil it produces. Managing the production of oil, is the key to keeping hair looking fresher for longer. 

Get fresh trims regularly. There’s nothing like a good trim to bring back the bounce, no-one needs dead ends weighing them down so ensure hair is kept maintained with regular trims. 

The hur.iron slant has angled plates for easier styling and they are ergonomically designed to tilt by 30° so you can get closer to the root meaning you'll , straighten with added volume and create beachy waves with ease.

Volume building techniques. When hair is damp blow dry the hair upside down and focus the heat on the roots, using your hairbrush to comb in an upwards motion to give an extra lift. Change your parting up from one side to another or from centre to side- this will give instant volume to the crown.

Dry shampoo creates a barrier to the oil in your hair, preventing any moisture coming through. It is also naturally roost boosting so will create texture and movement straight away. Using root-boosting products/sprays when blowdrying your hair will also have a huge impact an give extra bounce.

We hope we've given you all the information you need, if not, don't hesitate to drop us an email to or send us a message on the 'gram'.