A Heads Up, Elastic Hair Ties Are Seriously Damaging Your Hair

A Heads Up, Elastic Hair Ties Are Seriously Damaging Your Hair

Do hair bobbles damage your hair?

Using elastic hair ties can leave your hair snagged, broken and kinked. A snatched, scraped back pony may look the bomb, but too-tight holds with an elastic bobble can also be the cause of headaches, and the start of a receding hairline. 

Fear not, you don't have to say bye to the slicked back up-do's just yet. We're just telling you that it is time to swap out the elastic for a kinder alternative. Que... The Satin Scrunchie. Kinder to the hair and also a CHIC accessory for second day hair styling. Quite literally the HOLY GRAIL when it comes to protecting your hair health when styling it in an up-do.

Take a read about some of the benefits of using a Satin Scrunchie: 

      • Satin or Silk is the best material for your hair scrunchie because the smooth and natural texture has been proven to boost the quality of your hair and banish any frizz.

      • They also eliminate ponytail kinks, meaning letting your hair down after an up-do is drama free with no indents and less tangling too!

      • Softer on the hair, preventing any breakage and damage.

      • They’re gentle on hair extensions and even softer on your hair, especially if you like to sleep with it tied up.

      • A stylish accessory to have in your hair or on your wrist ready to use at any time.

So, you’re in luck!

At hur. we have handmade our own Luxury Whisper White Satin Scrunchies here in the UK, because we want to protect the health of YOUR hair.

Each individual Scrunchie comes in it's own pouch, and is available to buy NOW. It's time to ditch the elastic. Thank us later 🤍 

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