Heat Damage: Busting The Myths!

Heat Damage: Busting The Myths!

Let's talk about a topic that's often misunderstood, HEAT DAMAGE to hair. There are so many misconceptions out there, so let's set the record straight! 

Myth #1: "Using heat on your hair will always cause damage."
Reality: Heated tools can cause damage, like anything, if not used correctly or if used in excess. With proper heat protection, mindful use and lower heat settings suited to your hair type, you can style your hair safely without wrecking it!

Myth #2: "Air-drying my hair is better for the hair health."
Reality: Hair is weakest and most susceptible to damage when wet and heavy. It's important to dry your hair as soon as possible. A damp or moist scalp can also cause scalp irritations like dandruff or fungal infections (a well-maintained scalp is vital for healthy hair growth!). 

Myth #3: "Once heat-damaged, your hair is ruined forever."

Reality: Your hair is remarkably resistant! While improper or excessive heat application can cause dryness and possible breakage (just like colour can) a well rounded haircare routine will always win! Think regular treatments, trims and nourishing products to bolster the overall hair health. 

Myth #4: "The higher the heat, the longer-lasting the style."

Reality: Quality styling and longer-lasting results isn't always about cranking up the heat... experiment with a lower temperature setting and be surprised at the results you can achieve! Plus, using professional styling tools with ceramic plates will ensure a salon-worthy finish every time. 

Myth #5: "Natural or thick hair is immune / resistant to heat damage."
Reality: All hair types are susceptible to damage if consistently exposed to high temperatures that are not suited for the hair type, without protection. No matter what your hair type, mindful application of heat and styling responsibly is key to maintaining hair health.  

Remember, it's all about mindful styling! Using heated tools in moderation, applying a heat protector every time and maintaining a consistent and well rounded hair care routine will help you achieve the best results when styling, without compromising the hair's health when doing so. Let's break down the stigma around styling with hot tools and heat damage myths! 

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