How To Clean My Hair Straighteners

How To Clean My Hair Straighteners

Caring for your styling tools is imperative in protecting the longevity of the styler and ensuring you get optimum performance when using them.

Are you guilty of not cleaning your hair straightener? Here are our top tips;

1. Clean regularly:
Make sure you wipe down your straightener every time, after use, to avoid product build up on the plates. Styling products used on the hair can stick to the plates and build up over time which can damage the ceramic and effect performance. Ensure the straightener is completely cool after use and then use a soft cloth to gently wipe the plates clean.

2. Store it properly: 
When you are not using your tool, always ensure the silicone heat guard is on and protecting the plates and that you safely store it in the heat resistant style case provided. Never wrap the cord tightly around the straightener as this can cause damage. Face the plug away from the styler to avoid any scratches or surface level blemishes.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals: 
Never use chemicals like alcohol or acetone to clean the plates as this could again damage the ceramic material. Instead, and only if required, dampen your soft cloth only slightly with a little warm water.

Remember, taking care of your hair straightener will make sure that it effectively works every time you use it!