Can hair straighteners go in hand luggage?

Can hair straighteners go in hand luggage?

Summer is right around the corner, and with that comes the excitement of summer holidays and travel adventures! The outfit planning, bag packing and excess toiletry shopping is underway. One thing that we get asked about a lot is luggage and whether hair straighteners can go in hand luggage.

Hair straighteners are generally hand luggage friendly when travelling with most airlines. However, there are a few things you need to bear in mind to ensure you have a stress free, smooth journey through check-in and security.

Check with your airline
It's important that you check with your airline to see whether they have and specific rules regarding hair straighteners that differ from general guidance. Some airlines may have certain restrictions or type of hair straighteners that are allowed on board.

Package and protect your hair straighteners
Ensure your hair straighteners are packaged safely and securely in your hand luggage. To protect the unit from any damage, scratches, or impact during travel, make sure you have placed the silicone heat guard over the plates at end of the straightener and store the product in its heat resistant style case.

Battery-powered hair straighteners
If your hair straighteners are battery-powered, these too are allowed in hand luggage. However, it is important that the battery is securely installed in the unit and that it meets the airlines regulations. Any spare batteries must be carried in your hand luggage too and not checked in baggage.

Hopefully these simple guidelines can help you enjoy a hassle-free journey, and ensure your hair looks fabulous for your trip! Enjoy 