5 winter haircare tips for healthier hair

5 winter haircare tips for healthier hair

Preserve and protect the health of your hair this winter by following our top tips on how to keep your hair in its best condition yet. As the weather sets in, the heating comes on and the Christmas party hair comes out – it is so important that we give our hair the love and attention it so desperately needs this winter.

Just how the winter elements can zap the moisture and condition out of your skin, the same happens to your hair and scalp too! Typically we over cook our hair during the summer months when holidaying and styling, so when winter sets, in our hair craves some revitalisation. We’re spilling the tea on how to ‘winter proof’ your hair this season;

1. Invest in good quality shampoo and conditioner
You’ll have heard it before, and we’re going to tell you again… it's time to ditch the supermarket shampoo! Cheap shampoo contains nasty ingredients that can actually dry the hair out even more. Investing in salon quality shampoo and conditioner with no nasties will pay dividends in the long run. Our favourites are Kerastasé, Loreal Pro, Olaplex or Kevin Murphy.

2. Heat protector is a must 
We know the sun isn’t always shining during the winter months, but harmful UV rays still exist. Leave in conditioners or the hur. Thermal Shield is perfect for everyday use for UV protection. Apply to the hair when wet and dry in.

3. Drop the heat
How low can you go? Style at a lesser temperature if your hair is feeling a little dry, weak or brittle. All hur.irons have a variable temperature control so you can find a heat best suited to your hair type, texture, condition, and style with temperature settings that range from 120° to 230°. You are still guaranteed to get the same results even on a low temperature thanks to our mineral infused ceramic plates and heat protect technology.

4. Treat yourself to a treatment
Add moisture back into your hair and give your locks a conditioning boost. You can get overnight masks, 1-hour masks or even treatments at the salon that last just minutes. If you notice your hair getting dry, weak or brittle then ask your stylist to recommend a mask or treatment to restore the condition.

5. Don’t ghost your stylist
Keep consistent with your trips to the salon. Get a regular trim or cut [6 – 8 weeks] to prevent breakage and split ends.