Ceramic vs titanium plates. What's the difference?

Ceramic vs titanium plates. What's the difference?

When searching for a new hair straightener, there are many features to consider. Whether you’re looking for something reasonably priced or prefer to spend that little bit more to ensure you preserve and protect the health of your hair. A commonly asked question is; What is the difference between Ceramic and Titanium plates?

Ceramic and Titanium are two of the most commonly used materials on hair straightener or flat iron plates. There are pros and cons to both and we’ve de-bunked some of the answers to help you understand better.

Heat up time
Typically, titanium heats up much quicker (in fact one of the fastest heating metals) - in some cases these plates can get hot in under 10 secs.

Although, most ceramic plates now heat up in 30 seconds or less.

Heat distribution
Ceramic plates are the most consistent throughout. Ceramic can regulate and evenly distribute the heat across the width and length of the plates. This means you will get smooth results consistently across all strands of the hair passing through the plates. You won't have to go over the same section more than once.

Titanium plates are known for having hotspots where the plates cannot regulate the temperature consistently, which typically causes damage and inconsistent results.

Safest for, and kinder on the hair
A more consistent and less forceful heat in ceramic plates make them kindest and safest for the health of your hair.

Titanium as a material component is much cheaper than ceramic and therefore you will find titanium stylers on the market at a lower price. However, this is reflected in the end result when styling and ultimately the damage they can potentially cause to your hair.

Ceramic is slightly more expensive but better for hair health and longer lasting styling results. You will get much smoother, shinier results than you would with titanium. Better still, if the ceramic plates are mineral infused you will get ultimate glossy, frizz free styles.

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