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What Temperature Should I Style My Hair On?

Find a heat best suited to your hair type, texture, condition, and style with temperature settings that range from 120° to 230°. We don’t believe in an ‘optimum styling temperature’ and no one size fits all - every hair type is unique and so should be the heat you style with.

Featured on all hur. irons, the exterior variable temperature control puts you in control; this is prescriptive styling.

120° - 150°:
Finer, colour damaged, chemically treated, or compromised hair requires a much gentler heat. Always start on the lowest setting and build up if you must, to ensure you match the correct heat to your hair type.

150° - 180°:
For everyday styling on normal, textured hair types. If you are second day styling and adding to or enhancing a previous style – always drop the heat.

180° - 210°:
If you’ve got very thick, curly, coarse, or resistant hair you may want to try styling at a higher temperature to ensure your results last. Again, always build up to this heat.

This temperature setting gets very hot. Always start on a lower heat and work up to this setting only if you need to, and if your hair is healthy enough to withstand the heat. Consult with a professional stylist or a member of our team if you are unsure.

You are still guaranteed to get the same results even on a low temperature thanks to our mineral infused ceramic plates and heat protect technology – the tourmaline minerals that are procured into our plates inject health into the hair by working to emit negative ions that neutralise the positive charge of the hair. This eliminates any static, seals the hair cuticle and retains moisture. The heat protect technology ensures an even distribution of heat across the section of hair you are styling. This leaves a smooth, shiny, sleek finish.

Preserve and protect your hair health by styling at a lesser heat to reduce damage.

Got any questions or want more information about what heat is right for your hair type?

Send us an email info@hurhair.co.uk and we’d love to help.